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To install Git on Windows you will need to download the installer from the Git website

1. Download the most current version for your operating system by double clicking on the package name:

2. Select Run to begin the installation & allow this app to make changes on your device:

3. Click Next to continue: 

4. If you need to change the installation folder, click Browse and select a new location. To accept the default location click on Next: 

5. To accept the default components to be installed click Next. Otherwise, select the additional components to be installed before clicking the Next button:

6. Accept the default Start Menu folder by clicking Next, or use Browse to select a new folder location:

7. Select the default text editor for Git, then click Next:

8. Adjust your PATH environment, then click Next:

9. Choose which SSL/TLS library you’ll use for HTTPS. Then, click Next:

10. Keep the default line ending conversion by clicking Next. To change the default, choose one of the two other choices before clicking Next:

11. Choose the terminal emulator you’ll use, and then click Next:

12 .Configure the extra options, and then click Next:

13. Check Launch Git Bash and complete the setup by selecting Finish: 

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