Domain registration

Getting started with Amazon Route 53

To register a new domain using Amazon Route 53

  1. Sign in to the AWS Management Console and open the Route 53 console at

  2. If you're new to Route 53, choose Get started.

    If you're already using Route 53, in the navigation pane, choose Registered domains.

  3. Choose Register Domain.

  4. Enter the domain name that you want to register, and choose Check to find out whether the domain name is available.

    For information about how to specify characters other than a-z, 0-9, and - (hyphen) and how to specify internationalized domain names, see DNS domain name format.

  5. If the domain is available, choose Add to cart. The domain name appears in your shopping cart.

    The Related domain suggestions list shows other domains that you might want to register instead of your first choice (if it's not available) or in addition to your first choice. Choose Add to cart for each additional domain that you want to register, up to a maximum of five domains.

    If the domain name isn't available and you don't want one of the suggested domain names, repeat step 4 until you find an available domain name that you like.


    If you also want your users to be able to use www.your-domain-name, such as, to access your sample website, you don't need to register a second domain. Later in this Getting Started topic, we explain how to route traffic for www.your-domain-name to your website.

  6. In the shopping cart, choose the number of years that you want to register the domain for.

  7. To register more domains, repeat steps 4 through 6.

  8. Choose Continue.

  9. On the Contact Details for Your n Domains page, enter contact information for the domain registrant, administrator, and technical contacts. The values that you enter here are applied to all of the domains that you're registering.

    By default, we use the same information for all three contacts. If you want to enter different information for one or more contacts, change the value of My Registrant, Administrative, and Technical Contacts are all the same to No.

    If you're registering more than one domain, we use the same contact information for all of the domains.

    For more information, see Values that you specify when you register or transfer a domain.

  10. For some top-level domains (TLDs), we're required to collect additional information. For these TLDs, enter the applicable values after the Postal/Zip Code field.

  11. Choose whether you want to hide your contact information from WHOIS queries. For more information, see the following topics:

  12. Choose Continue.

  13. Review the information that you entered, read the terms of service, and select the check box to confirm that you've read the terms of service.

  14. Choose Complete Purchase.

    We send an email to the registrant for the domain to verify that the registrant contact can be reached at the email address that you specified. (This is an ICANN requirement.) The email comes from one of the following email addresses:

    • – for TLDs registered by Amazon Registrar.

    • – for TLDs registered by our registrar associate, Gandi. To determine who the registrar is for your TLD, see Domains that you can register with Amazon Route 53.


    The registrant contact must follow the instructions in the email to confirm that the email was received, or we must suspend the domain as required by ICANN. When a domain is suspended, it's not accessible on the internet.

    You'll receive another email when your domain registration has been approved. To determine the current status of your request, see Viewing the status of a domain registration.

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