Team Set Up and Management

Creating a Team

1. Click on the team icon located on the left menu bar.

2. Select "Create Team" on the team management console.

3. Enter the name of your team, then select "Create Team" 

4. The team that you have just created will now be listed on the teams section. Toggle the team you have just created to the "On" position.

Note: The team name that is selected should also appear next to your user name on the top right of the screen. "User Name - Team Name" this will tell you which team you are currently in at a glance.

Adding a Team Member

1. Make sure that the team you want to add a new team member to has its switch toggled to the "On" position in the team list screen. Now select "Add Member" from the team management console. 

2. Add the email of the new team member and then select "Send Invitation"

3. The user who has been invited to the team will receive an email notification.

The invited team member will have to follow the email prompts and create a KOR account if they don't already have one. 

4. Once the user accepts the invitation, they will be displayed on the list of team members on the selected team.

Delete / Leave Team

Team members can leave the team, and team owners can remove teams via the Team Management Console. Team owners are the only ones that can delete a team.


Clicking on upgrade redirects you to billing and gives you the option to modify the plan your team is on.

NOTE: Only team owners can add new members to the team.

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