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At KOR we have two types of payments, either by personal subscription payment or by team subscription. When entering the billing module we can see on the right side we have My Subscription, followed by our name and the plan that we are using as an individual user, followed by that we have the teams where we are the owners and we handle the monthly payments for the team. You only have to select the equipment or your subscription to make a payment or see its history.

To change plans, it is necessary to register a credit or debit card in which it will be used for monthly charges.

Once the credit card is added, we can change the plan according to our need or the need of our team and make the payment. KOR gives us the option of making an annual or monthly payment, as it is an annual payment it gives us a more comfortable price based on time cost of USD $ 9.99.

NOTE: If it is a new credit or debit card that will be entered in the system, this new card will be saved for the following automatic payments.

When the payment is made, an email will be sent with the result of the payment and the amount charged.

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