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In this section is where we select the repository that has been cloned in KOR and assign it to the habitat we are configuring. If you have not yet cloned a repository you can click here.

To select a repository and add it to Habitat, we click on + New Function in the upper right part of the screen, this will open a new menu where we must select the repository, select the role, select the runtime (Node.js 12) and In the Hander enter "index.handler", once the information is completed we click on + Add Function.

NOTE: It is necessary and fundamental before creating a function, a role must be created, if you have not yet created a role you can click here to see the Habitat Role article.

And take note that when adding a function, KOR automatically creates an S3 bucket


As shown in the image, we can see the repositories that have been added and these are now functions within Habitat.

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