How to associate your KOR templates to a GitHub/GitLab account. The following steps start after you have created your KOR templates.

Step 1.  Create a new GitHub/GitLab repository. 

Create an empty repository in your selected your repository provider.

Step 2. Add Credentials

Add your repository provider credentials into KOR. Click on the gear icon on the left menu, then select the key icon and you will be redirected to the credentials page. (see image below).

In the top right corner you have the option "+ Git Credentials" click on it, add your Git Credentials, and save it.

Step 3. Git controler

Once the git credentials are added on KOR you are going to update the repository. Go to the repository list and click on the master branch to get to the git controller menu. 

Click on "Change Git Remote" to enter your HTTPS.


Go to your Git repository, copy your HTTPS, enter it in KOR, and then select your git credential.

After clicking on update on your Git Controller, the empty repository that you created earlier will show the KOR templates files. (Update the page to reflect the files).

Step 4. Clone the repository locally

You are going to clone the repository locally using Git, make sure you are located in the correct folder on the Git. (Clone the project using HTTPS).

Once the repository is cloned on your local computer, replace the files that come with the KOR templates with your files. After having copied the files you are going to do a push from git to update the repository.


Step 5. Pull the changes on KOR & Update

Go to your repository list and click on the master branch. The Git controller will show you that there is a pending update to pull to master. When you select “Pull” this will update the repository and your static site.

Once the Controller is updated, you need to go to the Habitat page. To get there, select the “Habitat” icon on the left menu and then select the habitat that you are working on (it should have the orange Foundation-icon).

Once you are inside the habitat, on the top menu select “Releases,” (as it shows in the image below).

Then on the bottom left you will see your site with the “update” option highlighted. Click on update, this will update your repository on KOR. If you are working on a WebApp click in the repository and enable the CI, this will activate the lambda functions, if you are working on a static site you can just click update.

Step 6. Project logs (WebApp only)

To check the logs and confirm that the build is complete select "CI/CD" on the top menu and then select "Show Logs." This will display the logs (build status) on the right side of the screen. After the logs are completed you can load your WebApp.

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