1. Select the template icon on the left sidebar from any KOR screen. This will take you to the templates page. 

2. Select the Web App option.

3. Step 1 of templates: Connect your AWS credentials. (If you do not have AWS credentials already created use the following link to help you create them click here).

4. Step 2 of templates: Name your web application and select the domain.

5. Step 3 of templates: Verify that all of the information is accurate, then click “Launch.”

Note: Infrastructure is being created and the DNS server is being distributed globally, the creation of the static site can take up to 10 minutes 

Changing the template repository to your own private or public versions.

1. Go to the repository list and you will see a freshly created repository made by KOR. Click on the branch below the name. 

2. The git controller window will pop up. Click on “Change Git Remote.”

3. Add your New Repo URL and your Git Credentials then click "Update." (Learn how to add your git credentials click here

IMPORTANT: When changing the Git Remote your private or public repository MUST BE EMPTY. KOR will copy the files to your repository first and then after you can replace everything with your files. It will not work If your repository is NOT EMPTY. 

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